Existing Core Box Quotation Information

Please answer as many of the following questions about the cores as you can or provide a process sheet with this information.  This information will help us provide a more accurate quote to you.

  1. What is the Part Number?
  2. What is the weight of the core?
  3. What material is the box made out of?
  4. What are the dimensions of the core box?
  5. How many cavities does the core box have?
  6. Does the box have loose pieces or retractable pieces?
  7. If the core box has existing mounting plates, what machine is it mounted for?
  8. Are the mounting plates removable so the box can be mounted on another machine?
  9. If there are rigging charges, would you like them separated on the invoice or included in the core price?
  10. If this is a Shell core, does it get drained?
  11. Does the blow slot get removed from the core?
  12. What sand mix is requested?  Or what metal is being poured?
  13. Are any sand additives wanted?
  14. Should the core be washed?  What type of wash?
  15. Does the core need any hooks, rods or wires?
  16. What is core print on the core?
  17. What parts of the core need to be filed?
  18. Are the cores ordered in sets?  How many pieces of each per set?
  19. Are we assembling the cores?
  20. Is there any special way you would like these packaged?
  21. About how many will be ordered at a time?
  22. How would you like the cores shipped? (LTL, Supreme Cores or Customer pick up)
  23. Are shipping costs prepaid by Supreme Cores or collect?