Core Washing

We offer the added service of washing cores and shipping the core ready to place in the molds. We have two large core ovens to help dry the cores after being washed. We also have heat lamps available to dry larger cores or molds. In addition, we are equipped with multiple hoists that can help manipulate the cores into positions where we can wash all needed areas. We offer the following methods of washing the cores:

Dipping A method used on small or large cores where the entire core is submerged in a wash to apply a coating to the core.

Spraying A method of using a pneumatic sprayer to spray the wash on the core or mold. We can hit specific areas of the core with accuracy. The coating is visually checked and can be adjusted for the correct thickness and appearance needed.

Brushing A method of using brushes to apply the wash manually to the core or mold. Specific areas can be washed to provide a good barrier to the metal. Some areas can be left uncoated to allow for the gas to exit a specific location. This method may be slower but you will not have wash on the core prints which may give you a better casting.

Flow Coating A method of washing the core where the core is placed under a stream of wash. Specific areas can be coated with other areas left uncoated as in the Brushing method. This process may prove to be more productive than Brushing the wash on the core.

We have 7 different washes available in-house to cover the possibility of any metal type. We are also willing to bring in new washes per customer request.