The Shell Process uses a blend of dry sand, with resin coating applied, blown into a metal “corebox” to form a sand core. Core boxes are typically made of some type of metal, usually iron or aluminum. The core box is heated by natural gas to temperatures of 450 to 600 degrees depending on how the box was constructed. Temperature control and uniform heating of the core box are very important to making a good core.

Shell sand has very good flowability and produces cores of high dimensional accuracy. The cores have excellent surface finish high density and good hot strength which then produces castings with a good surface finish. Shell cores can be made solid or hollow depending on their application.

Supreme Cores, Inc. has a total of 20 “Shell” machines. Please refer to our machine list for a listing of the various Shell machines and core box sizes that will fit the machines. We offer a variety of different Shell sands, over 15, which are available depending on the type of metal you are pouring or the application of the core. Please see a listing of the types of sands available for use.

SHELL DEPARTMENT MACHINE LIST – all are vertically parted machines

BOX SIZE (Front to back x Top to Bottom)

  • (5) REFORD 43 MACHINES 13X15
  • (3) REDFORD 16 MACHINES 16X17
  • (6) REDFORD 22 MACHINES 22X24
  • (1) DEPENDABLE 400 MACHINE 20X35
  • (2) EMI U-180 30X20
  • (2) REDFORD 44 MACHINES 18X20