Please read before filling out your application!

We are currently looking to hire for 1st Shift positions

Minimum Requirements:

  • Ability to do basic mathematical computations.  This includes addition, subtraction, and multiplication.
  • Ability to stand for more than 8 hours in a day.
  • Ability to lift 50 pounds or more.
  • Consistent employment history of 6 months or more.


The application must be completed thoroughly in order to be considered an applicant.

  • For the Employment Section the following must be included: name(s) of past    employer(s), dates of employment, job title and reason for leaving.  We are looking for the last 10 years of work history.
  • At least 2 employment references must be provided with their name, relationship, and phone number where they can be reached. Please do no use friends or relatives in this section.  You may list: co-workers, supervisors, teachers, clergy, landlords, ect.
  • The Pre-Employment Authorization and Release must contain a signature, printed name, and the date in which the application was completed. 

Thank you for your cooperation and interest in working for Supreme Cores, Inc.


Release form