Reasons to Outsource Your Core Work

Supreme Cores, Inc. is one of the countries original “core shops” started in 1978 in Janesville, Wisconsin by Warren Grossmann. We are now in our 38th year serving as a “Friend to the Foundry Industry”. Over the years, we have evolved into the “Supreme” leader of supplying cores and molds to the Foundry Industry in the U.S. and even locations in Canada.

You are in the business of selling castings. Your profit centers are the castings, machining and painting of the castings. Optimize your profitability by focusing your time, money and people on the things that can improve your profitability. Do you want to make your profits based on a $2.00 core or a $20.00 casting?

We are committed to a partnership with our customers. One that enhances both companies and all employees.  We believe that we have a responsibility to make your casting operation successful.

Supreme Cores offers you the ability to have cores made in 5 different core making processes. We offer an array of machines that can produce cores of an excellent quality and in a more productive way than can perhaps be done by you internally.

We have over 50 employees with over 300 years of experience making cores. Let us work for you. You will not need to pay for employee benefits.  Using Supreme Cores would be the same advantages that you have by using a Temporary service for employees.

We do not believe in surprises when it comes to core cost.  We offer you a “Firm” price for the cores so you know what your core costs are when figuring your casting price.  No add-on costs or expedite fees will be added.

You will no longer need to perform maintenance of your core machines.  Eliminate headaches from core machines breaking down and no inventory of spare parts. Your Maintenance people can focus their time taking care of the casting equipment that makes you the most money.

You will not have to be concerned with scrap core costs, starting up machines each shift or with figuring out how to make new core jobs. You can transfer the responsibility of the environmental issue and reporting of emissions to the core supplier.

We can provide you with cores that are mold ready. This will save you space in the foundry and save your people time in the plant. The cores can be delivered washed and/or assembled.

You no longer need to pass on casting RFQ’s because you may not have the supporting core equipment in house. You can work with our team to figure out the best machine and process that we have available to offer a competitive bid on the casting.

Streamline your foundry by having us make cores for you. You will have less raw material inventory, more space to use for your profit centers and less people on staff.