Core Delivery

We can work with you on options for the delivery of your cores either via Supreme Cores trucks or LTL Carriers. We run our Shipping Department as a service to our customers, not a profit center. We want to make your cores, and make sure they get to you the best and least expensive way possible.

We are capable of delivering your orders on Supreme Cores air-ride trucks. We have a small fleet of delivery trucks ranging in size:

  • Delivery Van ( 2 pallets )
  • Cargo Van ( 6 pallets )
  • Straight Truck ( 12 pallets )
  • Semi Tractor ( 30 pallets )

We are able to place as many as 48 pallets on our trailers if we use shelving in the trailer and can keep the load under 46,000#. We currently deliver in a radius of approximately 375 miles from Milwaukee.

We ship approximately 40% of our shipments using LTL Carrier. We have devised many methods of packaging all sizes of cores to successfully ship on a LTL Carrier to our customers. We have shipped cores as far away as Texas, Pennsylvania and Ontario, Canada without damage.

Don’t let the distance from you to us inhibit your decision to use Supreme Cores to supply your company with cores. Depending on the core size and volume of orders, we can offer you competitive pricing.