Supreme Cores, Inc. Milwaukee, WI in collaboration with MT Systems in Canton, Ohio are proud to announce the installation of a Resin Delivery System, “smartBATCH,” for Supreme Cores epoxy-acrylic core making process.

This state of the art system allows Supreme Cores to automate the sand mixing process by using a QR Code (Quick Response Code) to accelerate the mixing process. The system using an OMCO mixer located on a load cell to determine the exact chemical additions needed based on sand weight and additive additions.

SmartBATCH is an easy-to-use and programmable system, which increases the accuracy of our resin addition in the OMCO mixer. The controller adjusts the pump speed to add the exact amount of material in the exact amount of time. The material amounts, ratios, orders of addition and injection time can all be adjusted batch-to-batch automatically.The SmartBATCH system provides the optimum level of consistency and efficiency for your specific process.

The advantages of the system for Supreme Cores and our customers include:

  • Reduction of resins used, which will enhance and reduce the shake out process and will save the customer money.
  • With the precision of the mixing system, we will be able to work on resin reduction and cost savings for our customers.
  • Increased productivity due to a quick automated sand mix.
  • Reduction of scrap sand and potentially bad cores due to human error.
  • Reduction of maintenance downtime and expenses.

We offer 7 types of sand (Silica, Chromite, Zircon, 80 GFN, 35 GFN, Lake, Fused Silica, and Ceramecite), and 6 Additives (RTC, Veinseal 11250, Veinseal 14000, BIO, RIO, and Spherox) to make the best core possible to enhance your casting results.