Isoset ( SO2 )

The Isoset Process uses a blend of dry sand mixed with a two part resin, blown into a “corebox” to form a sand core. Core boxes are typically made of some type of metal urethane or wood. A small amount of Sulfur Dioxide gas is then purged through the sand and out vents in the core box.  When this gas mixes with the two-part resin the core becomes hard. It is important to distribute the gas evenly throughout the whole box or you may end up with soft or uncured areas.

Supreme Cores, Inc. has a total of 16 “Isoset” machines. Please refer to our machine list for a listing of the various Isoset machines and core box sizes that will fit the machines. We offer a variety of different Isoset sands mixes which are available depending on the type of metal you are pouring or the application of the core. Please see a listing of the types of sands available for use.


  • (4) REDFORD 16 MACHINES 16X17
  • (2) GAYLORD MACHINES- vertical or horizontally parted boxes 28X24X20
  • (7) REDFORD 22 MACHINES 22X24
  • (1) CMI HORIZONTAL H-26 (100# BLOW CAPACITY) L-R X 25” F-B X 29” **Some LL40 core boxes will fit this machine
  • (1) HCB-22 *Horizontally parted 22X24