Core Box Rigging and Pattern Shop Associations

Supreme Cores, Inc. is capable of doing a large amount of core box rigging internally. We have a milling machine that we use in various ways to help us prepare the core boxes to be run on our machines. We typically also provide the necessary mounting plates / bars for the core boxes. We also are capable of venting core boxes. In addition we routinely clean the boxes with a bead blast machine, maintaining the dimensional integrity of the box. This is done most of the time without an added charge to the customer. Only if the box is too large to handle or beyond our expertise, will we send the box to a Pattern shop. Any transfer of the tooling and possible extra charges are always discussed with the customer first.

Over the years we have built excellent relationships with many Pattern shops in the metro Milwaukee area. Since the Pattern shops are fairly close, some within a few miles, we work closely with them on RFQ’s, new tooling design, repairs and modifications. Using our relationships with the Pattern shops we are able to quickly and accurately build and repair the tooling to provide you with quality cores.

We will often ask the Pattern shops to help us with quotations on new jobs. We discuss different possibilities in making cores utilizing the various core methods we have. We can offer our core quotations along with projected tooling costs from these Pattern shops. Let us do the work for you.