Isocure vs. Shell

Supreme Cores recently completed a case study on a two pound core for iron castings being made in Shell.  We rigged the core box in-house for our L10 Laempe machine and produced the core in our Isocure department.  Below are our findings. 

–          57% reduction of sand cost from Shell to Isocure

–          57% increase in the productivity from Shell to Isocure.

–          25% increase in the productivity of finishing and packaging of the cores because they are of a better quality.

–          Better sand compaction

–          Lower scrap at the Foundry in castings lost.

–          Lower tooling costs


These same results could be achieved on other similar Shell jobs that you may be making.  Contact us if you would like a quote.

Rave Reviews for 2012

Supreme Cores proves that they are a leading supplier for all casting manufacturers.  For 2012, Supreme Cores received a 100 out of 100 Supplier Performance score from Pure Power Technologies in Waukesha, WI.  This combined with other high scores helped Supreme Cores average a score of 92 for all customers providing a report.  Supreme Cores is continually looking to improve and help their customers reach their goals.


Recently, we at Supreme Cores have added a new Tinker Omega TOM-125 sand mixer to our Airset department to accompany the existing Palmer 200.  The decision to add this machine was made to increase capacity and also help decrease the amount of scrap sand.

Over the short period of time that we have had this installed, we have seen a decrease in sand scrap by using preset recipes to control the flow of the sand.  By selecting a unique recipe the machine knows when the correct amount of sand has been dispensed and will shut off.  The mixer also runs off of an Allen Bradley PLC which has the EZ-Calibration option.  This option decreases the time needed to calibrate the system.  Cutting the calibration time will cut down on set up and give us more time to produce your cores.  Also, we now have the option of running additives on both of our mixers.

  Along with this machine, we are also going to add a conveyor system that will create a better flow.  Materials will be flowing in a more efficient manner and employees will be focused on value added work.


Top 10 Reasons Why Your Foundry Should Buy Cores from “Supreme Cores”

1. We have over 50 employees with 313 combined years of making cores ready to work for your company every day!

2. Supreme Cores, Inc. offers Versatility:

Shell, Isoset (SO2), Isocure, Pepset and Warm Box.

  • A variety of sands and additives available in each process.
  • We have the availability of alternative core making methods to eliminate casting difficulties. If one process is not working for you, we will find one that does.

3. Reduce your labor costs:

  • Reduce your hiring and training expenses
  • Reduce your insurance and employee benefit costs
  • Reduce your advertising costs for labor
  • Reduce the needed overhead, Supervisors etc.

4. Use your capital to invest into value added casting options not core equipment or personnel.

5. Reduce your inventory of supplies:

  • Your money and personnel is not tied up with the purchasing of sands, resins, or machine parts.

6. We have outstanding Quality. We are committed to making cores better than you can.

7. Increase your floor space for molding or storage by eliminating space needed for core making.

8. We offer a variety of packaging ideas to help transport cores long distances with no breakage.

9. Supreme Cores, Inc. has 30 years as a reputable business servicing the Foundry Industry.

10. We love to make cores, you love to make castings!



 FIFTEEN (15) other reasons why you should buy cores from Supreme Cores:

 1. Our price is all-inclusive. No more adding up all the numbers and figuring the freight. We include freight in the final price if requested.

2. We offer transportation to your foundry on our company owed fleet of air ride trucks.

3. You will not have to worry about excessive core scrap costs, commonly encountered with staring up a new job. Core scrap will no longer be your issue.

4. Transfers environmental issues to the core supplier. No maintenance of EPA records.

5. You will no longer need to pass on bidding for jobs that require cores. We can work with you to develop core costs. This allows for more flexibility with your customers.

6. You will eliminate the headaches of core machine updates, repair and maintenance.

7. We can provide a true core cost to your foundry.

8. Places the burden of finding skilled core makers on the core supplier.

9. Provides “just in time” supply of cores.

10. Offers the availability of alternative core making methods to eliminate casting difficulties.

11. Provides cores ready to use on the molding floor.

12. Decreases overhead costs.

13. Increases floor space for molding and storage.

14. Allows for faster service to your customers.

15. Gives more flexibility with your customers.