Recently, we at Supreme Cores have added a new Tinker Omega TOM-125 sand mixer to our Airset department to accompany the existing Palmer 200.  The decision to add this machine was made to increase capacity and also help decrease the amount of scrap sand.

Over the short period of time that we have had this installed, we have seen a decrease in sand scrap by using preset recipes to control the flow of the sand.  By selecting a unique recipe the machine knows when the correct amount of sand has been dispensed and will shut off.  The mixer also runs off of an Allen Bradley PLC which has the EZ-Calibration option.  This option decreases the time needed to calibrate the system.  Cutting the calibration time will cut down on set up and give us more time to produce your cores.  Also, we now have the option of running additives on both of our mixers.

  Along with this machine, we are also going to add a conveyor system that will create a better flow.  Materials will be flowing in a more efficient manner and employees will be focused on value added work.